I’ve just released a 2nd Edition of my extended short story, ‘Rough & Tumble.’ Sub-titled A Dystopian Love Tragedy, it tells the story of Rough and Tumble, two young men (though their ages are as hard to guess as the motives in their hearts) who met as boys somewhere near the end of civilization and find that their personal end-time has arrived. Now on Amazon for just $1.99.

From the story description: 

Rough and Tumble were not their names by birth.” Boy meets boy at the end of civilization. The year is distant, the reality of those living appears dark and harsh. Among them, surviving by wit and easy violence, are Rough and Tumble, two young men whose lives became entwined so long ago neither of them remembers exactly when, only that it was love at first sight. Now, as Rough imagines an escape from the Slopes, the area they live and expect to die in, he yearns to take Tumble with him. But is it possible? Does Tumble want to go across the murky water, too, or are dreams for the foolish and the dying? Join them as they go on a last nightly prowl, looking for loot and any way out.

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