How exciting! My Kindle Single ‘Stop the Car’ was selected for a 90-day inclusion in the launch of the new Prime Reading service. Prime members can now read e-books as part of their yearly Prime membership. It’s great new exposure for me, as well as a chance for Prime members to try out new books without needing a Kindle or Amazon Fire. (And it’s available as a short, fabulous audiobook at very little cost, narrated by the awesome Braden Wright!).


About ‘Stop the Car’

1977. Three teenagers on an Indiana back road, heading home away from the highway, away from prying eyes and traffic cops. One behind the driver’s wheel, two in the back seat sampling the merchandise that could get them all jailed. And then, as the car careens along beneath a black sky lit only by a million stars, they see it. The boys demand they stop the car. The driver refuses. Whatever it is they see makes the decision for them and stops the car in its tracks. What happens next to them could be real or imagined, but it will never be forgotten.

About Prime Reading, from Arstechnica:

Current Prime members now have Prime Reading included in their $99 yearly membership, and all new members who sign up will get access to it, too. Also, you don’t need a Kindle or Amazon Fire device to make use of Prime Reading: all included titles are available via the Android and iOS Kindle apps. Prime Reading adds to Amazon’s list of book perks for Prime members, which includes Kindle Unlimited, the $10 per month subscription service that provides access to over one million titles, and the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, which lets members borrow one e-book a month from a wider pool of books.

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