Our newest Featured Book is from author J.H. Hayes, whose previous books, How Christianity Sustains a Gay Man, and Gravy in the Pie have been highlighted here. He was also a guest not long ago on the Liv Mic podcast.

About The Witness Chronicles:

After graduating from college in May of 1982 at age 23, Robert forges a career and new life in the festive gay scene of Dallas. He begins a challenging sales job despite disapproval by his fundamentalist parents, who do not know he is gay. Robert describes typical nights on the town including the “strength in numbers” security inside the clubs. “I enjoyed drinking a few beers and cruising while a couple tried to lure me into the restroom for sex and drugs.”

In Texas sowing wild oats is an undeclared rite of passage and the younger guys show Robert they know how to do it. The Minimum Legal Drinking Age will not rise to 21 until 1986, and he embraces the young cowboys roaming the State. In June he falls for 18-year-old Mick, who lives 100 miles from Dallas and travels often partying with friends. In July Robert meets Will, a teenaged college student who lives 200 miles away in Austin. While searching for extra motivation to kick-start the career, Will provides a spark and spends a week with Robert as infatuation takes control.

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About J.H. Hayes

J. H. Hayes is a native Texan raised by loving parents in a Houston suburb. He studied Photography and Journalism at what is now Texas A&M Commerce, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in 1985. After college he had a successful career in sales management, which developed his ability to comprehend the needs of others. In 1993 he became an AIDS and Civil Rights activist in Austin, where he published original music and essays and produced an educational public access TV program with the nonprofit he founded. A writer all his life, he did not have the desire to publish until AIDS and discrimination motivated the creation of a vehicle for expression.

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