The Human bones and skull in desert.Vector illustrationIt’s just been one of those weeks. I re-released my collection of short stories,  ‘An Unobstructed View’, over the weekend, and now I’m doing the same with ‘5 of a Kind: More Short Fiction’ and ‘The Seer’, a short story. Enjoy!

5 of a Kind: Short Fiction

5 of a Kind is a collection of short stories that explore the human condition in all its folly, joy, despair and hope. From a woman whose small son is there one moment and gone the next, to a man who has spent his life peering out at the world from behind a curtain, to teenagers on an Indiana back road encountering the impossible. Each story and its characters express the inner voices of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Some survive, though in what way and in what state they had never imagined.

The Seer

“Death is the father,” he said. “Apocalypse is the child.” Worlds are set to collide as a two thousand year old man living above a pet store in New York City encounters a young couple about to have their first child. He looks at them one morning and sees … terror. But what can he do about it, if anything? Can he stop them? And just as importantly, can they stop him? See for yourself in ‘The Seer’ and glimpse what is to come, and what is gone forever.

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