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“No one should be subjected to violence simply because of their gender identity or expression. No one should be denied the basic rights that enable their safety and security. No one should consider taking their own life to escape harassment and bullying. Please join with us on this day to remember our departed friends, loved ones, and community members.”

The annual Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) memorializes individuals who have died throughout the world in the previous year because of anti-transgender hatred. Each November, the worldwide transgender community turns its attention to family, friends and loved ones lost to violence and prejudice. A tradition inspired by the Allston, MA vigil for Rita Hester, a trans woman murdered in 1998, this day has become the worldwide rallying point for a community long under siege. ”

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition

Transgender Health Resources

At the National LGBT Health Education Center, we are dedicated to continuing to grow our resources on transgender health and we have been working hard to grow our transgender health program. Check out a few of our resources below:

trans-pdfNew Publication! Providing Affirmative Care for Patients with Non-binary Gender Identities

All members of a health care organization-front-line staff members, clinicians, and administrators-play a crucial role in offering an inclusive, affirming experience for all people, including those with non-binary gender identities. Everyone, no matter their gender identity or expression, appreciates friendly, courteous, and effective care. In addition, non-binary people, who have gender identities other than male or female, have unique needs when interacting with the health care system. Non-binary people face numerous health disparities as well as stigma, discrimination, and a lack of access to quality care. However, you do not need to specialize in non-binary health care to give your non-binary patients an affirming experience. This document includes important terms and definitions, data, three case scenarios, and expert-informed practices, all of which offer suggestions for how any staff member within any health care organization can implement simple changes to improve the experiences of patients with non-binary gender identities.

Download Here


TransTalks is an online training series on the health care needs of the transgender community for health care professionals. This series, featuring presentations given by nationally-recognized experts at Fenway’s 2015 Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health Conference, covers topics critical to the foundation of quality care for the transgender community, and provides free continuing education credits for medical professionals. This series is being updated to include new talks from the 2016 Conference, including a talk with Dr. Asa Radix on Transgender People and HIV.

Watch TransTalks Here

TransECHO Launch

On October 12, 24 Health Centers participated in to the first TransECHO session. This two-hour session was the first of 12 sessions in a year-long curriculum. Topics to be covered will include gender affirming hormones, surgical options and co-occurring mental illness. Visit our TransECHO site for more information on TransECHO or email us at

Check out all of our webinars, learning modules, and publications focusing on transgender health on our website.

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