Photo by Sue Hardesty

Photo by Sue Hardesty

This one’s an immediate ‘want to read’ for anyone who loves great storytelling (and good gifting, too, those holidays are coming fast).

Lee Lynch’s Amazon Trail columns have brought monthly pleasure to readers of lgbtSr for several years now. Lee Lynch is a trailblazer, multiple award winner, and the namesake of the Golden Crown Literary Society’s annual Lee Lynch Classic Award.

Her new book, Rainbow Gap, will be available December 1, so save that date!

rainbow-gapRainbow Gap by Lee Lynch

Jaudon Vicker and Berry Garland are polar opposites yet know they are meant to be together. Growing up in steamy backcountry Central Florida, they fight each other’s battles: Berry protects boyish Jaudon from bullies, Jaudon gives the abandoned Berry roots. They pledge that nothing will part them, not a changing Florida nor a changing America, not Berry’s quest for her spiritual path, nor Jaudon’s ambition for her family’s business. When the war in Vietnam, politics, police, rough times, society itself, and other women threaten to come between them, their bond grows deeper. In the safety of their secluded tree house hideaway, they learn to dream, dance—and to make love.

Lee Lynch’s most recent book, An American Queer, a collection of “The Amazon Trail” columns, was presented with the 2015 Golden Crown Literary Society Award in Anthology/Collection Creative Non Fiction. This, and her award-winning fiction, including The Raid, The Swashbuckler, and Beggar of Love, can be found at

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