prince-of-the-seaAuthor Jon Michaelsen’s Prince of the Sea was just re-issued by Lethe Press and is now available for your listening pleasure. I read it, I love it, now listen up! – Mark/Editor

Jonathan Lemke thought spending two weeks alone with his partner in a beachside cottage would help to rekindle the lost passion of their 10-year union. He’d chosen Tybee Island, a quiet seaside community on the Georgia coast, east of Historic Savannah. Jonathan had spent his childhood growing up on the pristine shores of the barrier islet, which continues to hold a special place in his heart.

The romantic surprise backfires when Paul, Jonathan’s partner, rushes off to Chicago for the chance to woo a high profile client, leaving Jonathan alone and brokenhearted until a chance meeting with a mysterious and seductive stranger linked to a beloved island legend provides a chance at discovering forever love. But someone with strong familial ties to Tybee Island is desperate to expose its secrets and avenge a grudge decades in the making. An assailant so threatened by the forces of nature that defy explanation, he will stop at nothing to unmask ancient island lore…even if he must kill to prove it.

About Jon Michaelsen

Jon Michaelsen is a writer or fiction in the mystery, suspense and thriller genres where the main characters are gay. While this doesn’t always define or limit his characters, it does provide opportunities for exciting and challenging plots. Many diverse writers have influenced his style over the years; among them are the ever popular David Baldacci, John Grisham and Michael Crichton, to groundbreaking novelists Patricia Nell Warren, Michael Nava and Felice Picano.

A born southerner near the banks of the Chattahoochee River, he moved with his family to Atlanta, Georgia in the late 1960s, where he remains today. He studied English and Journalism at Gainesville College in north Georgia before transferring to Valdosta State College near the Georgia-Florida line to finish out his studies. While at Valdosta State, he wrote and edited the college newspaper’s Entertainment page, published features and a few of his short stories in the campus rag.

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