At last, the audiobook for Jean Ryan’s Strange Company has arrived on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Narrated by the pitch-perfect Nikiya Palombi, these essays take a loving, curious look at the natural world around us and our place in it. Brought to you by MadeMark Publishing. Whether you’re a an adult who enjoys the close relationship humans bear to the animals we share the planet with, or a child fascinated by a beetle or a sloth, these essays will take you with them on a journey into nature.

About Strange Company:

In Strange Company, a delightful collection of short essays, Jean Ryan brings us closer to the natural world. From lizards to lady bugs, from the inscrutable sloth to the resplendent quetzal, Ryan reveals some of our commonalities with earth’s creatures and hints at the lessons we might learn from them.

Do lizards fall in love? What do sloths think about all day? Why is the blood of a horseshoe crab so valuable? Do starlings flock for fun? Can a parrot serve as a therapist? Do turtles ever grow bored with their long lives? Why would a crow foster a kitten? Can snails be fearless?

These are just a few of the questions Ryan poses in Strange Company as she invites the listener on a wild journey through land, sea and sky. While these essays acknowledge our responsibility to Mother Nature, the insights they offer are affirmative and heartening. With her precise, elegant prose, Ryan draws us into the tantalizing world of animals and their oddities.

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