“Nathanie Hawthorne wrote that “easy reading is damn hard writing.” McNease writes in this ostensibly effortless way, employing all the elements of a true storyteller: intrigue, tension, memorable characters and perfect pacing. I also admire the ease with which he captures a woman’s point of view. Linda is heroic and flawed and utterly believable.”

JeanRyan, author of Survival Skills

“This suspenseful series launch from McNease (the Kyle Callahan Mysteries) introduces retired homicide detective Linda Sikorsky. Linda has opened a “vintage everything” store in New Hope, Pa., where she lives with her wife, aspiring writer Kirsten McClellan, whose first novel features a lead based on Linda. But Linda’s past turns out not to be past. … Plausible sleuthing and smart characterizations combine for a winner.

– Publishers Weekly

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About ‘Last Room at the Cliff’s Edge’:

Retired homicide detective Linda Sikorsky and her wife Kirsten McClellan head to Maine for a long weekend of rest, relaxation and rewrites as Kirsten finishes drafting her first novel. Bad weather alters their plans, forcing them to stop for the night at the Cliff’s Edge, a motel known for secrecy and indiscretion. Something murderous goes bump in the night, sending the women on a search for justice when a young reporter’s body is found dumped and violated on a back road. A road Linda must now go down, no matter where it takes her, or what it reveals.