Death by Pride: A Kyle Callahan Mystery marked the conclusion of the Pride Trilogy. As one reader said, ” … this book creeped me out. It was supposed to. McNease has a way with creating suspense even while not actually hiding anything. The transparency of the tale does nothing to lessen the anxiety that builds as it unfolds.” – Ulysses Dietz

For the next three days, Death by Pride is available for just .99 cents at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. And you can still get Last Room at the Cliff’s Edge as an Instafreebie! Sign up, download, and take a ride on the mystery train.

Lastly, Death by Pride is also an audiobook, narrated by the calmly creepy K.C. Kelly. Click the link for a SoundCloud sample. And look for the book promo at eBook Stage starting July 26.

About Death by Pride: A Kyle Callahan Mystery

First came ‘Murder at Pride Lodge’, where murder met mayhem in the Pennsylvania countryside. Next was ‘Pride and Perilous’, the collision of high art and low death at Manhattan’s Katherine Pride Gallery. And now, the Pride Trilogy concludes with ‘Death by Pride.’ It’s Gay Pride weekend, the most festive weekend of the year in New York City. Hundreds of thousands of partygoers arrive to show the world how to have a good time.

Stalking the party is the most successful serial killer the city has ever seen. He claims his victims in threes and has just begun his newest spree. Detective Linda Sikorsky comes to town to visit Kyle Callahan and his husband Danny Durban. It’s her first Pride Parade and may well be her last. Harmless fun turns to terror in a frantic effort to stop the killer once the first body floats to the river’s edge. This time it’s personal, and this time one of them might not make it out alive.

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