“… truly excellent — New Yorker-worthy, one might say. It was a perfect little Sunday-morning read.”

– Michael Craft, author of Inside Dumont and The Mark Manning Mysteries

I recently gave a complimentary copy of my short story, The Cat in the Window, to email subscribers as a ‘thank you.’ Now it’s available to anyone with just a click and .99 cents.

About The Cat in the Window:

In the heart of a heartless city, a woman finds new life with the help of a stranger’s cat.

Lillian Bostwick hated the cat in the window. It taunted her, defied her, and finally taught her how to live again.

“It sat in the fifth floor window all day long, season to season, morning to night, staring across into her living room. It would be there when she got home from work, positioned exactly where it had been when she’d left that morning. It watched her as if it knew everything about her, as if it just couldn’t wait to tell the neighborhood about Lillian Bostwick and all her little secrets.”



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