I’ve been singing Dave Hughes’s praises for several years now. His columns on retirement at RetireFabulously.com have been incredibly helpful and I can’t recommend them enough. Whether you’re retired, single, coupled, or planning this most enjoyable phase of your life, Dave has the experience and guidance that can help you navigate this sometimes stormy sea. Oh, and you’ll notice it was edited by yours truly! An honor and a privilege.

About ‘Smooth Sailing Into Retirement: How to Navigate the Transition from Work to Leisure’:

Smooth Sailing into Retirement will guide you from your last few months of work through your first year of retirement. It identifies the many ways your life will change and prepares you for the emotions you may experience along the way. At each step, you will receive strategies for dealing with these changes.

This book will show you how to design your new day-to-day life in a way that will reflect your passions and interests. You will be inspired to create a new identity for yourself that embodies the way you plan to live in retirement and frees you from the limitations of your former job title. You will also identify and eliminate old habits and activities that may no longer serve you well in retirement.

If you are partnered, this book examines the ways your relationship with your spouse will change, whether you are both retired or one of you continues to work. If you are single, this book addresses the challenges that are specific to retiring as a single person.

Smooth Sailing into Retirement is an essential companion for your transition from work to leisure.


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