With 127 responses to the survey, readers and email subscribers have spoken: Murder at the Paisley Parrot: A Marshall James Novel, will be followed by Fallen Stars. 54.76 percent of respondents chose this as the main storyline for Book 2. Now I have to get busy writing! Look for Fallen Angels: A Marshall James Novel toward the end of 2018. And thanks for participating!


It’s been a year since the Paisley Parrot murders. Marshall James has moved on, now working at the Skylight, a gay bar in West Hollywood as far removed from the Parrot in atmosphere and clientele as it is in location. He’s sober now and living with Mac McElroy, the LAPD detective who’d saved his life and the man he’d fallen in love with during the Paisley Parrot/Popper Jack killings.

Marshall realizes a bar isn’t the best place for someone who stopped drinking. But what are his career options? He serves a lot of young actors and decides he just might have what it takes to be one of them. He signs up for acting classes only to find murder center stage as one young actor after another starts turning up dead. The closet becomes a casket for some, in an age when being out and proud could cost your life as well as your livelihood. Is a casting couch the last thing these men saw? Who is luring them to their final curtain call, and why?

Meanwhile, Mac has discovered evidence that could identify and help capture the man who killed his lover Bobby on a dark L.A. street years ago. Will he find justice for his slain beloved, or will he take vengeance into his own hands?

Marshall must find out, for their sake and his own safety. Death stalks the footlights as he pursues a killer into the wings, where darkness, sadism, and a twisted lust for fame wait to claim another victim. Will it be Marshall himself?

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