“Watch out! It’s a live mic!”

You know it’s a new year, right? 2018 is already off to a great start. I’m living in our house in the New Jersey woods, loving life, and making plans. One of them is to get back to a favorite pastime: interviewing interesting people. I’ve been doing it for years, both written interviews and in podcasts. I just like talking to people, and sharing them with readers and listeners. So, here we go, the first Live Mic with Mark McNease podcast for a year that promises to be fascinating.

Join me for this relaunch as I chat with friend and favorite columnist, Dave Hughes. Dave founded his RetireFabulously.com website several years ago, and I’ve been raving about his columns ever since. I’ve also had the privilege of helping edit his two books (modest throat-clearing here). As my husband Frank and I finalize our move into this house and this new phase of our lives, Dave’s experience and advice on retiring is more timely than ever. Take a listen, and enjoy.

About Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes created RetireFabulously.com to help you envision, plan for and ultimately enjoy the best retirement possible. Most articles focus on the non-financial, “lifestyle” aspects of retirement, such as successfully transitioning from work to leisure, choosing where to live, identifying the things that will make retirement happy and fulfilling, and more. Dave is available for speaking engagements and workshops, and also officiates weddings. Dave lives in Chandler, AZ with his husband, Jeff, and their furry family members, Missy and Maynard.

The Live Mic Podcast can be found at Libsyn, iTunes, and right here at MarkMcNease.com

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