Are you listening? Author, craftsman and master storyteller Michael Craft has just released his latest novel, Inside Dumont: A Novel in Stories, on audiobook.

Narrated by the author, Inside Dumont: A Novel in Stories uses interconnected viewpoints to tell a touching, funny, intricate narrative about lead character Marson Miles’s later-life journey toward discovery—of himself, his desires, and his place in a town called Dumont.

About Inside Dumont: A Novel in Stories

While dressing for dinner on New Year’s Eve, the last thing Marson Miles expects is to fall in love that night—with his wife’s nephew. But when Brody Norris arrives from California to join his uncle’s architectural firm, Marson finds his life turned upside down. And the quirky little town of Dumont, Wisconsin, will never be quite the same. “Inside Dumont” is a reflective exploration of Marson’s later-life journey, set against a loving portrait of the place he and Brody will call home. This impressionistic chronicle of their growing relationship—and the orbit of events leading up to it—is told from a variety of viewpoints within a fluid timeline. The novel’s dozen episodic narratives range from tender to suspenseful, from romantic to mysterious, all of them brightened with a good measure of humor.

About Michael Craft

Michael Craft is the author of 14 published novels, including the highly acclaimed Mark Manning mystery series, three installments of which were honored as finalists for Lambda Literary Awards. His latest book is Inside Dumont: A Novel in Stories. Michael grew up in Illinois and spent his middle years in Wisconsin, which inspired the fictitious small-town setting of his new book. He holds an MFA in creative writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles, and now resides in Rancho Mirage, California.

Read more about Michael at his website.

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