Kill Switch: A Kyle Callahan Mystery
Mark McNease

Kyle Callahan finds himself in therapy after ending the life of the Pride Killer. Joined once again by his friend Detective Linda Sikorsky, Kyle takes on his first cold case, the murder of a teenager three years ago. Come along as Kyle delves into the murky undercurrent of New York politics, pursues a crime boss who kills as easily as she breathes, and seeks justice for the father of a murdered chil

Death by Pride: A Kyle Callahan Mystery
Mark McNease

It’s Gay Pride weekend in New York City. Partygoers arrive to show the world how to have a good time while a serial killer stalks the party, claiming his victims in threes. Detective Linda Sikorsky comes to visit Kyle Callahan and his husband Danny Durban. Harmless fun turns to terror in a frantic effort to stop the killer. This time it’s personal, and this time one of them might not make it out alive.

Death in the Headlights: A Kyle Callahan Mystery Featuring Detective Linda
Mark McNease

Kyle Callahan and his partner Danny Durban head to rural New Jersey for a relaxing week with their dear friend, Detective Linda Sikorsky, recently retired and newly in love. Driving back from dinner with Linda and her fiancée Kirsten, they discover the body of Abigail Creek, run off the road on a bicycle wearing only her nightgown and slippers. Come along as Linda and Kyle make their way into the shadows and enter the spider’s web called CrossCreek Farm, determined to find out who in this family of spiders is the deadliest one.

Pride and Perilous: A Kyle Callahan Mystery
Mark McNease

Manhattan’s Katherine Pride Gallery becomes the center of high art and low death. Kyle Callahan Mysteries. Amateur photographer Kyle is about to have his first photo exhibit at the gallery. Bodies start to fall and Kyle realizes somebody wants this gallery closed forever. Detective Linda Sikorsky returns to join Kyle  in a desperate chase to stop a killer.

Murder at Pride Lodge: A Kyle Callahan Mystery
Mark McNease

In the first of the Kyle Callahan Mysteries, Kyle and his partner Danny Durban head to Pride Lodge, their favorite getaway from the stresses of New York City. They expect to enjoy a festive Halloween weekend. What they find instead is a web of murder, deceit, and revenge served cold as a knife blade. 

The Pride Trilogy: Three Kyle Callahan Mysteries
Mark McNease

Together for the first time in one book, all three Kyle Callahan Mysteries making up the Pride Trilogy: Murder at Pride Lodge, Pride and Perilous, and the concluding Death by Pride. Reading the trilogy as a whole, readers can see the story arc that brings Kyle Callahan and all the characters to life as they stop one killer at a time.