Trump Administration Proposes Eliminating LGBT Elders from Key Federal Survey


[NEW YORK, NY] Services & Advocacy for LGBT Elders (SAGE) announced today that it is launching a nationwide effort to oppose the Trump Administration’s proposed erasure of LGBT elders from the National Survey of Older Americans Act Participants (NSOAAP). Specifically, SAGE opposes changes that would eliminate questions that allow the federal government to assess the extent to which LGBT older adults are receiving federally funded elder services. According to a March 13 notice in the Federal Register, those questions (which have been included in the Survey since 2014) are proposed for elimination in the 2017 Survey. This is the only change the Trump Administration proposes to the Survey.

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Jean Ryan’s ‘Strange Company’ Now Available in Paperback and Audiobook from MadeMark Publishing

It’s hard to overstate how wonderful it is to be able to share Jean Ryan’s amazing essay collection Strange Company in both paperback and audiobook. Some people are writers, some are artists, and Jean is that rare author who is both. Her award-nominated fiction sears the heart and jolts the mind, and her essays are constructed with the excruciating detail of a master.

Of her Lambda Literary Award finalist short story collection Survival Skills, Publishers Weekly said: “Ryan controls devastating psychological material with tight prose, quick scene changes, and a scientist’s observant eye.”

And from the Los Angeles Review: “With her debut collection Survival Skills, Jean Ryan brings to the short story what Mary Oliver does to poetry.”

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lgbtSr Returns Slimmer and Trimmer

Okay, I heard you. Whatever happened to lgbtSr! Well, here it is. But there are some obvious changes. I can’t keep up a website the way I did for six years and still be an author, a publisher, an editor, a husband, and have that pesky thing called a job. Last year I was hit with a bad case of shingles at the age of 58 and realized I had to take better care of myself.

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Jean Ryan’s ‘Lost Sister’ Re-issued by MadeMark Publishing

I could not be prouder to announce the first book for 2017 from MadeMark Publishing is the re-issue of Jean Ryan’s Lost Sister. Jean’s writing has received a Lambda Literary finalist nod (for her short story collection Survival Skills). She’s also been nominated several times for a Pushcart Prize.

Praise for her collection Survival Skills

Publishers Weekly: “Ryan controls devastating psychological material with tight prose, quick scene changes, and a scientist’s observant eye.”

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Growing Pains by Jean Ryan, a Meditation on Gardening

Author Jean Ryan

By Jean Ryan
Reprinted with permission from Jean Ryan’s website

Spring in the nursery is a happy time. The bedding plants are a riot of color and the eager young vegetables grow right before your eyes. Flushed with hope and fresh resolve, shoppers load their carts with more than they can use, for who can resist the tangerine zinnias, the deep blue delphiniums, the baby stalks of corn, the hundreds of heirloom tomatoes, each one promising something special. The is “The Year,” customers vow; they have learned from past efforts and this is the year they will have, at last, their dream garden.

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Through the Golden Tunnel of Light, by Cathy McNease, Herbalist

By Cathy McNease, Herbalist

I have just taken a remarkable journey towards well being. What appeared impossible a short time ago, became a stepping stone to awakening. This journey began 5 years ago when I hurt my hip while gardening. The pain was so bad at the beginning, that I thought death would be a better choice. I wrote a will, put my home in a trust, and picked out my method of death for when the pain became unbearable. I spent every penny of my savings trying to “fix” my hip, short of surgery, with nothing helping the increasingly intense nerve pain from butt to foot. Enduring pain became my stance in life. Then, as hopelessness increased, the Tibetan Buddhist nun, Pema Chodron, and her beautiful words, got inside my head and changed me. Actually, she changed my relationship with pain. She taught me that facing pain is the way through it, and provided meditation tools to do just that. My journey towards choosing life had begun. Meanwhile, my hip continued to degenerate to the point of constant pain that could be measured 10 out of a scale of 10. Yet, death was no longer on my radar as a solution.

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