Lee Lynch’s Amazon Trail: Zipline Vegas

Photo by Sue Hardesty

Guest Column
Lee Lynch’s Amazon Trail: Zipline Vegas

In the end, it’s all about ego. I’ll do almost anything, apparently, to protect my ego from being bruised.

She’s going on a zipline in Las Vegas. That’s what my sweetheart announced this morning. It gets worse. She said the zipline goes over city streets and buildings—and here I was envisioning a sweet pastoral zip across raging river rapids and sharp rocks. Now I only have to worry about her colliding with concrete, metal, and glass. Head first. Seems you have options; she plans zip to belly down, like a diving bird, a Peregrine falcon perhaps, which can reach speeds up to 200 mph.

She concocted this scheme with our friend Heather, who lives in Vegas and knows all the cool things to do. I have a feeling this trip will be a lot different than the one I took to the Lambda Literary Conference back in the early 1990s.

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It’s Back! The Live Mic Podcast Returns, with Guest Dave Hughes of RetireFabulously.com

“Watch out! It’s a live mic!”

You know it’s a new year, right? 2018 is already off to a great start. I’m living in our house in the New Jersey woods, loving life, and making plans. One of them is to get back to a favorite pastime: interviewing interesting people. I’ve been doing it for years, both written interviews and in podcasts. I just like talking to people, and sharing them with readers and listeners. So, here we go, the first Live Mic with Mark McNease podcast for a year that promises to be fascinating.

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Book Review: We’re Going to Need More Wine, by Gabrielle Union

By Terri Schlichenmeyer
The Bookworm

“We’re Going to Need More Wine” by Gabrielle Union
c.2017, Dey St.
$26.99 / $33.50 Canada 263 pages

Here’s to us.

A toast to our years together, our friendships, things we’ve done and laughs we’ve had. Here’s to us – together forever. We need to do this more often. We need to stay in touch. As author Gabrielle Union says, “We’re Going to Need More Wine.”

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Guest Column: Lee Lynch’s Amazon Trail – Regrets, I Have a Few

Photo by Sue Hardesty

Guest Column by Lee Lynch

The Amazon Trail
Regrets, I Have a Few

Luncheonette. Darn it all, I just found the word I was looking for back in 2007 when I set a scene in a coffee shop in New York. It wasn’t a coffee shop, it was a luncheonette. In that era, you could use the term coffee shop, but a reader might picture a Greenwich Village or a North Beach San Francisco dive that served espresso to long-haired women and men in berets. In my novel Beggar of Love, I wanted to evoke elbows on the counter, ham sandwiches and steaming cups of joe.

Telling my sweetheart about this, she popped out with, “My Beautiful Luncheonette.” We laughed, because of the 1985 gay male film “My Beautiful Laundrette.” I immediately thought I could write a short story about a luncheonette, but I don’t have enough time left to write a story about every word I fall in love with, not to mention I already wrote Dusty’s Queen of Hearts Diner.

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Rod Hensel: LGBT History in T-Shirts – A Wearable Revolution

Rod Hensel

By Rod Hensel
The Gayging Advocate

There comes a time in the aging process when you realize that you have become, in the eyes of those younger, a historical figure.  For  LGBT people that moment usually comes in preparation for annual Pride activities, when interest in the early days of what we called “Gay Liberation” intensifies.  My historical figure moment came earlier this year with a call from Buffalo State University about tee shirts.

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The Savvy Senior: Best Bicycles for Aging Baby Boomers

By Jim Miller

Dear Savvy Senior,
My husband and I are interested in getting a couple of bicycles for leisurely exercise and fun, and would like to get your recommendation. We’re both approaching 60 and are a little overweight, and it’s been a while since we rode.
Easy Riders

Dear Easy,
If you’re interested in leisurely, recreational riding for fitness and fun, a great option is a “comfort bike,” which is very popular among baby boomers. Here’s what you should know about this option, along with some tips to help you shop and choose.

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Featured Book: The Sodden Sailor (A Nick Williams Mystery Book 11), by Frank W. Butterfield

This week’s Featured Book sees author Frank W. Butterfield returning with #11 in the Nick Williams Mystery series. Note: Frank will be a guest on the upcoming, new Aged to Perfection podcast, familiar to LGBTSr readers and subscribers for our interviews with artists, authors, activists and everyday fabulous people. Listen for Frank and other great guests starting summer, 2017.

The Sodden Sailor (A Nick Williams Mystery Book 11)
Frank W. Butterfield
Print Length: 330 pages
Publication Date: May 29, 2017

Sunday, February 6, 1955

It’s Sunday night and Nick has decided he wants to get back in the kitchen to make a couple of pans of lasagna for dinner, something he hasn’t done since he and Carter moved into the big pile of rocks on Nob Hill.

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In the Spotlight: Rick Rose – Entrepreneur, Activist, Inspiration

Rick Rose, Contemplating His Next Project

Welcome to a new regular feature here at LGBTSr: In the Spotlight. We’ll be highlighting individuals who inspire us and demonstrate that age is no obstacle. Artists, activists, authors, and everyday people living life to the fullest.

Let’s get this show going with the indefatigable Rick Rose. Rick was an early contributor to LGBTSr and is currently the co-host of The Twist Podcast. Read on …
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