Well, the time finally came to move on to my other projects, especially the mysteries, podcast, and that pesky thing called making a living. Here’s a farewell email I sent to subscribers of lgbtSr.org

Dear email subscribers: It’s been almost six years since I launched lgbtSr.org. As with all things, this too is passing. This is the final email I’ll be sending to subscribers to the site. All previous posts remain online, while the domain itself now points to a page at my personal website, MarkMcNease.com

If you would like to stay in touch, please feel free to subscribe to my website. I’ll be posting new items there now: the weekly Twist Podcasts with co-host Rick Rose, book reviews, guest posts, and, of course, author updates. Emails will be infrequent, as a way of keeping subscribers updated.

My newest book, Last Room at the Cliff’s Edge: A Detective Linda Mystery, continues to rack up stellar reviews and will be available as an audiobook on AmazonAudible and iTunes within the next few days.

I’ve always been very ethical and would never simply migrate lgbtSr subscribers to my personal site. That’s why I’m emailing you. I’d love to stay in touch with content updates, but I leave that up to you.

I’ve got two new mysteries in the works: Black Cat White Paws: A Maggie Dahl Mystery. Call it “mainstream” if you will: she’s a straight woman whose husband died recently after their move to Lambertville, NJ. She and her sister find themselves sleuthing to solve the murder of her neighbor Alice, whose missing cat sets in motion a series of events that lead to a shocking discovery … and a killer.

I’m also writing Murder at the Paisley Parrot: A Marshall James Mystery. Marshall, like me (it’s a variation on my birth name) is in his late 50s and a New Yorker. Unlike me he’s a cancer survivor and, feeling the pressures of time, decides to start telling the stories of a series of murders he was part of in 1980s Los Angeles, though he did not commit them. First up: a serial killer strikes at the Paisley Parrot in Hollywood, where a 23-year-old Marshall was tending bar. It was a mob-owned dive bar, a drunk’s paradise, his kind of hangout. Drinking there was a pleasure for some, and a fatal mistake for others. But Marshall will tell you all about it … in summer, 2017.

Thanks, all. The world changes, life goes on, and we shift focus as we strive to get done the things we want accomplished in the time we have. I encourage us all to get to it.

– Mark McNease

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