Hello to all 1,400 of my newest friends! I hope everyone enjoyed the Instafreebies. There are more on the way, exclusively for you.

I’m in Provincetown for the first time, staying in a time share with my husband Frank and enjoying this amazing place. I’m also hard at work on two (that’s right, two!) novels I expect to have out in the coming months: Murder at the Paisley Parrot: A Marshall James Novel, and Black Cat White Paws: A Maggie Dahl Mystery. Each book is very different from the other. Murder at the Paisley Parrot tells the story of Marshall James, now 58 and living in New York City, as he decides to reveal a series of murders he was involved in back in Hollywood, circa 1983. He was a young bartender then, caught between a serial killer, the mob, and a homicide detective named Mac he falls in love with. What could go wrong?

Black Cat White Paws is the first of the Maggie Dahl Mysteries. Maggie moved to Lambertville, New Jersey, with her husband David to start a new life and a business after decades in New York City. David dies suddenly, leaving Maggie to pursue their dreams without him. Her sister moves in to help on the same day Maggie finds her neighbor Alice dead, leaving seven cats behind. Maggie decides to find out who killed Alice, and together the sisters uncover the ugly truth of a murder in the town she now calls home.

What’s In It for You

Besides two books I hope you’ll enjoy, I’ll be offering exclusive previews to subscribers, along with the chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

And something completely new for me: book #2 in the Marshall James series will be decided by readers! I’ll offer three main story lines in a survey, and readers of the book will vote on which one they want to see next. Crazy? Hey, I’m a writer, and I like to keep it interesting.

Look for an excerpt from Murder at the Paisley Parrot coming your way exclusively in late October. You can also check out my website at MarkMcNease.com, email me at mark@markcnease.com, and see all my books on my Amazon page and my audiobooks at Audible.

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